problematika šikany

We want change!

A quarter to half of primary school children are victims of bullying, according to surveys! But many more cases remain hidden.

Educational programs for schools

We will focus on the issue of bullying, violence and its effects through revolutionary, theatrical and interactive educational programmes. Children will learn principles developed in the spirit of the MEN'S FACTOR - how to prevent dangerous situations from arising in the first place and, if violence does occur, how to deal with it effectively and protect themselves and others. Students will also learn where to go for help. The presentations will also include demonstrations of the basics of self-defence.

Dagmar Havlová

Josef Toman

Hynek Čermák

The Men's Factor project was created under the auspices of the Mensfacotr & Vize97 Dagmar and Václav Havel Foundation. We are grateful for the support of our sponsors and donors.

Faces of the project

Martin Hofmann - herec
Marpo - zpěvák, hudebník
Nir Maman -příslušník speciálních sil státu Izrael
Por. Mgr. Terezie Janíková - kriminalistka
Marcus Benois Tran - hudebník, producent
Marek Dvořák - lékař, záchranář
Tomáš Holeš - fotbalista Slavie a reprezentant ČR
Vladimír Dzuro - vyšetřovatel válečných zločinu

Faces of the project

Vladimír Šmicer - fotbalový internacional

We appreciate the support of our sponsors and donors

We offer promotion in audiovisual, print, and media production and partnership in the project.

We would be grateful for a financial contribution, which we can handle through a donation agreement that can be recognized as proof of a paid gift for tax purposes.

Additionally, we can provide the donor with a certificate of social responsibility, which can be used for presentation purposes, either for an individual amount or at the bronze, silver, and gold levels (divided according to the donation amount – 4.500, 10.500, and 21.000 EURO).

This will facilitate reporting for companies as required by the European Union directive effective from January 5, 2023. In this report, companies must demonstrate the extent to which they behave socially responsibly towards their surroundings.

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